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Conditions of .fi domain registration


Legitimacy of the domain name

A domain name may not, at the time of registration, be equivalent to a protected name or trademark, unless a sufficient evidence is presented to register the domain (e.g. ownership of those names or trademarks). A domain name may not also resemble a protected name or trademark if the registration is done for the purposes of gaining an advantage or to cause damage.

A .fi domain may consist of characters a-z, 0-9 and å, ä, ö in addition to characters of Sami language spoken in Finland and the dash sign. If you are registering a domain name with special characters like ä, we always recommend you to also register the equivalent version without the special characters as sometimes users may not be able to access domains with special characters.

Checking legitimacy of a domain name

Before registering a domain name you must make sure it is legitimate, e.g. that you are not registering a protected name or trademark. If such a name is registered, it might be cancelled at the time of registration or later.

Protected names include e.g.

  • Names entered into the Finnish Trade Register or Register of Foundations, to the Finnish Register of Associations or Finnish Trademark Register and to the European Comminity Trademark Register
  • Names of public bodies, unincorporated state enterprises, independent public corporations and public associations
  • Names of diplomatic missions of foreign states or their bodies

You can make checks e.g. using the following websites:

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