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Connecting a domain to Shellit.org


Point domain to name server

When transferring domain we don’t change name servers by default but you can change these yourself or ask us to change them. If you need changes to name server at a specific time we recommend to do changes yourself. We can also do this for you. Please check prizes from our Additional services prize list. Changes can be made in our admin panel Manage services – DNS settings – Settings. DNS servers:

  • ns1.shellit.org
  • ns2.shellit.org
  • ns3.shellit.org

If your domain TLD is .fi you should also add following name servers:

  • ns1.z.fi
  • ns2.z.fi

Using Shellit.org email servers

Email servers (MX):

  • mail1.shellit.org priority 10
  • mail2.shellit.org priority 50


SPF-record is a method to authenticate that the sender address is valid. It prevents sender address forging.

If you want to use SPF-record to accept e.g. use of other mail services you need to add us to your SPF-record. Our SPF-record is (add your own configurations if necessary): v=spf1 include:spf.shellit.org -all

If you want to add multiple addresses you can do that following this example:

v=spf1 include:spf.shellit.com include:ex.example.net -all

Directing to web host

You can identify right server by pressing Login info-button in the admin panel and looking at the FTP-server address. E.g. ftp1 or ftp means www1 and ftp2 www2. Directing should be done to www, empty and *-subdomains. In our admin panel empty subdomain means leaving subdomain field empty. Other services might do this differently.

AAAA: 2a03:e581:4::11
AAAA: 2a03:e581:4::12
AAAA: 2a03:e581:4::13

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