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Get domains with numerous TLDs from us, including the Finnish fi domain!

.fi domain

Fi domain our most popular domain. Managed by the Finnish Transport and Communications Agency, they are a great choice for a company that wants to do business in Finland.
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Price 12.00 €/first year
(17.50 €/year for following years)

Other domains

You can also choose from our wide selection of other top-level domains. There are over 490 TLDs availeble! Check the currently available TLDs and prices »

Com, net, org, info, eu and many other TLDs for affordable prices!

Email 💌 domain

Email is certainly the best friend of your brand new domain. You can get that easily from us!

You will be able to create as many mailboxes using your domain. You only pay 1,00 € per starting gigabyte and inbox.

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Promotional price for the first year of fi domain registration is 12.00 € and 17.50 € for the following years.
The promotion only applies to new fi domains and fi domains that are transferred to us.
Maximum 10 domains / customer.

Domain service includes everything you need

  • Own domain
  • Unlimited sub domains
  • DNS services
  • A, AAAA, CNAME, TXT, SRV, FRAME, Redirect and MX records
  • Out-of-office responses
  • Spam filtering

Transfer your domain to us - it's easy

Not satisfied with your current service provider? Then transfer your domain to us!

Transfer .fi domain

  • Request the registrar transfer key from your service provider
  • Enter the key to the transfer code field while ordering and order otherwise normally

Transfer other domains

  • Request authorization code and removal of transfer lock from your service provider
  • Enter the code to the transfer code field while ordering and complete the order otherwise normally
Other than .fi domains should not expire for at least a month after starting the transfer to ensure a successful transfer.

Say goodbye to spam

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Receiving spam is annoying.

Especially, when you get loads of it. And it will happen if the email service only uses regular filtering methods

That’s why Halon filtering is available for domains – it will make sure even the hard-to-detect spam messages won’t arrive in your inbox!

Only 5 €/mo!

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If you also need a place for your website, our web hosting plans are a great choice. They include everything you need to run a website, including a domain.

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