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Looking for the best email solution for your business?

You will certainly find it from us: we offer you the super popular Office 365 and G Suite services that both also include excellent email services.

You can also enhance our regular email service with Halon spam filtering!

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Office software

G Suite

Google G Suite offer everything you need for your office: Gmail email, Google Docs office applications, Google Drive, calendar, messaging apps and a lot more.

G Suite runs in the reliable Google cloud. With G Suite, your office is always with you!

Starting at 5.20 € / account / mo!

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Office software

Office 365

Microsoft Office 365 is the perfect choice if you want to use the familiar Office applications and Outlook email. Applications are available both locally and as web apps.

Office 365 also includes OneDrive for Business, Teams and many other services!

Starting at 4.60 € / account / mo!

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Spam filtering

Halon spam filtering

Receiving spam is irritating.

Regular spam filtering stops most spam but without very powerful solutions some email will always pass through.

That powerful solution is called Halon. With Halon messages can be classified as spam with the help of machine learning and spam databases. Using Halon you won't even remember what spam is.

Only 5.00 € / mo / domain! Free in certain hosting plans.

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