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Starting at 20.40 € / mo. Free trial with no commitments!

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Finnish cloud service

Tavu Cloud is a Finnish cloud service!

Thanks to locating our servers in the highly stable country of Finland, you can be sure your data is safe – deep inside the bedrock.

For small or large scale use

You can utilize Tavu Cloud in every imaginable way!

Whether you need a single VPS instance or a complicated server infrastructure, Tavu Cloud is the right choice!

No commitments!

Only pay for actual usage with no commitments. Billed easily from your credit card.

Fast, scalable and easy to use

High performance NVMe instances now available!

20.40 € / mo
0.0283 € / h
1 GB memory
1 core
20 GB NVMe disk
500 GB traffic
30.00 € / mo
0.0417 € / h
2 GB memory
2 cores
50 GB NVMe disk
1000 GB traffic
40.80 € / mo
0.0567 € / h
4 GB memory
4 cores
50 GB NVMe disk
1000 GB traffic
67.20 € / mo
0.0933 € / h
8 GB memory
4 cores
100 GB NVMe disk
2000 GB traffic
144.00 € / mo
0.200 € / h
16 GB memory
8 cores
160 GB NVMe disk
2000 GB traffic
234.00 € / mo
0.325 € / h
24 GB memory
16 cores
240 GB NVMe disk
4000 GB traffic
294.00 € / mo
0.408 € / h
32 GB memory
16 cores
240 GB NVMe disk
4000 GB traffic
672.00 € / mo
0.933 € / h
64 GB memory
32 cores
320 GB NVMe disk
4000 GB traffic

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Features for every need

Blazing fast

Tavu Cloud’s superior performance makes sure your service is always pleasant to use. Create new instances in seconds.


Our extensive API allows you to integrate Tavu Cloud to your existing systems.

Operating systems

A great selection of different operating systems available. Just pick the OS you want and it will be automatically installed.

Scale your servers anytime

If your performance requirements change, you can scale your services up or down anytime.

Easy billing

All your services are easily billed automatically from your credit card or using prepurchased credits.

Environmentally friendly

Our use of clean wind energy and energy efficient servers makes Tavu Cloud highly environmentally friendly.

Your data is safe

Our high level of information security in addition to servers located deep in the bedrock makes sure your data is always kept safe.

Easy and powerful control panel

Easy but powerful

Our control panel was designed to be easy while offering advanced functionality.

Remote console

Remotely access your server using the remote console.


Don’t waste your time rebuilding everything when something has gone wrong. Simply restore a snapshot of your work.


Our services provide as much storage as you might need. You can upgrade your configuration to the next level with a simple click!


Create own networks for your instances. Don’t want to play with networks? Thats fine too.


No need to share your credentials with anyone. With our teams feature, you can easily share any resources with your team.

Create your first cloud instance in minutes!

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Which payment methods are available?

You can pay using Visa or MasterCard. Additionally, Finnish customers can use Finnish online banks for buying credits in advance. Using credit card you are automatically charged based on the real usage.

When am I billed for services?

Our automatic system gathers usage data every hour after which we deduct the usage from your account balance. If you are paying using credits, we will automatically notify you when you are running out of them. If you are using credit card payments, we will first let you use the service and when the outstanding amount exceeds a minimum threshold or when the time since the last payment exceeds 30 days, we will automatically charge your credit card.

Can I get a refund if I don't use the service?

Unfortunately we do not issue refunds for unused services or credits.

Do you bill for closed services?

As long as we have reserved the resources for you the service is billed for. If you want to stop using the service, you should destroy your servers and other resources. After that, the billing will automatically stop if there is nothing to be billed.

When do you close my services if no payment has been received?

If you are using prepayments using credits, the service will be closed immediately after running out of credits. If you are using credit card payments, the service will continue to be provided until you have terminated all the services or removed your credit card. If you want to stop using the service, please remember to destroy all the resources you are using to avoid additional invoices. We will keep your data for 7 days after the service has been closed. After that, everything will be automatically deleted.

How do you bill the services?

Billing for instances and other related services is based on hourly prices. Monthly prices are provided only for easier comparisons and they are approximations assuming a 30 day month. Therefore, the exact monthly price varies slightly depending on the length of the month. We only bill you for the hours you’ve used the service, e.g. not for the entire month if the service was not used for the entire month. You can for example use a higher performance server for an hour or two and the higher price will be billed only for the time you were using the better configuration.

Can I test the service before paying for it?

Yes! We offer all the customers 5 € worth of free credits that you can use to try the service before making any payments. Certain functionalities are however restricted before the first payment to prevent abusive behaviour.

Operating systems

Ubuntu Debian CentOS Fedora

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