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Technological decisions are the key to produce superior service. Hence we have invested lots of resources to ensure our choices are correct and they lead to the best experience for you.

We have decided to not just repeat the same solutions as our competitors: as a proof of this is our custom control panel and our load balanced clustered web hosting plans. Read more about our technology on this page!

Load balanced web hosting in the cloud

Doesn’t it anger you when your site is running slow or not at all? Certainly your customers, too, won’t stay on just a site for too long. At we have tackled this problem. Our main idea has been to develop a high performance, fast and highly reliable web hosting environment.

Our web hosting plans are running on a self-built multi-server cluster to enable high availability. Our self-developed server infrastructure and control panel enable seamless operating in high loads and hardware failure situations.

Load balacing makes sure your website is always running fast. Under high loads the visitors are automatically redirected to multiple background servers.

Load balancing also makes sure your customers won’t notice any service disruptions even if some of the server were down, unlike in a traditional web hosting plan were all the services are unavailable if the server is down.

Traditional hosting plan does not work when server is down

Traditional hosting plan does not work when server is down

Our hosting plan if a server is down

Our services work even if a server was done

(Translation: Palvelin = Server, Verkkosivut = Website, Kuormantasaaja = Load balancer)


Our servers are located in the city of Ulvila in high quality datacenter built inside the bedrock. The datacenter meets the requirements set by the Finnish Communicatons Regulatory Authority. The datacenter is continuosly monitored and no outsiders are allowed in.

The datacenter is built inside a rock to a cave formerly owned by the Finnish Defence Forces. In addition to being extremy safe place due to its location there is also a gas extinguishing system installed to secure the servers from a fire. We also have fast and reliable connection to networks of multiple operators which makes our network redundant and fast.

The servers are running on wind power supplied by Porin Energia. The datacenter is also equipped with UPS and diesel generator to make sure any electricity outage won’t disrupt the service.


Corridor to the datacenter

Datacenter 2

Datacenter is located inside the bedrock

Datacenter 3

One of our servers


Services are monitor 24 hours a day, using internal and external services.


Most important services are duplicated to handle any hardware failures


Most services are running on Linux


Most services include backups

Extra hardware

We always keep a few extra servers to act as spares

Spare disks

Storage failures can almost always be fixed without any interruptions


Our servers are connected to all the major Finnish networks, including Telia, Elisa and DNA. We constantly monitor the network status and quickly take care of any abusive usage.

Our network support both IPv4 and IPv6 technologies. Most part of the traffic still goes through IPv4 but IPv6 adoption is growing.

We have built our network using high quality Juniper switches and routers, with port speeds of at least 1000 Mbps or 10 Gbps. This way we can ensure non-congested connections between the servers.

Only the best hardware

We always use the best hardware for each use case. In addition, our servers are highly energy efficient and use clean wind power so we have been able to minimize the carbon footprint of our services.


We use energy efficient and powerful servers are background servers. Currently we mostly use servers with Intel Xeon CPUs.


We utilize multiple methods for storing data, each chosen carefully to offer the best performance for the use. We are continuously using more and more of SSD and NVMe storage to enable the best performance.


Our networks are running on the newest technology. At its heart are powerful and reliable Juniper switches and routers that will handle the load. Additional many devices and servers are connected with fiber optic cabling offering speeds of tens of gigabits.

Energy efficient server

One of our servers


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