Do you order our services on behalf of your customers? Maybe you represent an advertising agency, web design company or some other business that needs hosting services as part of their offering? In that case, reselling our services might be the right solution for you!

Available products

  • Web hosting plans
  • Reseller hosting plans
  • Domains

How does it work?

Resold services are in your full control. The invoices are sent to you and you will then invoice the end customer.

Why become a reseller?

  • Create custom hosting plans
  • Get discount using the payment account
  • Easily manage your services

Reseller web hosting

In addition to ordinary web hosting plans you can also utilize our reseller web hosting plans!

Using a reseller web hosting plan you can easily divide the plan to create custom hosting plans for your customers. For example, if you have a reseller plan with 25 GB of storage, you can create 5 5 GB hosting plans or a smaller number of larger plans, or whatever is needed! Custom hosting plans can be created easily and quickly in our control panel.

The number of custom hosting plans is unlimited – only the shareable resources of your reseller hosting plan limits your custom hosting plans. At minimum, a custom hosting plans shall have 0.5 GB storage and 1 database. All custom hosting plans have a huge 1000 GB monthly traffic recommendation and free SSL encryption. SSH connections can also be used to manage custom hosting plans.

Domain names are not included in the custom hosting plans but you can attach them separately according to our normal domain price listing. Domain names will have basic email services which can easily be expanded using domain service’s email products.


Reseller has 10 websites and 10 fi domains.

Price for the sites in ordinary hosting plans 67.50 €/mo

In custom reseller hosting total price 46.36 €/mo

The comparison has been made to our Gold hosting package. All prices in the comparison exlude VAT.

Compare reseller web hosting plans

Get to know our reseller web hosting plan and order it quickly and easily!

If you need more resources, you can easily order multiple packages.

Included in reseller web hosting plans

  • Divide the plan to multiple custom plans!
  • Create unlimited amount of custom plans within the resource limits
  • Create or remove hosting plans in the control panel
  • Free SSL encryption, PHP 7 and SSH connection

Reselling is practical!

Single orders can be managed the same way as when ordering everything separately. The reseller can give the customer credentials to a separate email control panel that the customer can use to e.g. change the password for the email box or edit forwardings. Email can be read using our regular webmail, customized webmail available as an additional service or using an email client.

A reselling account is a practical solution e.g. when selling maintained websites to your customers.

Payment methods

Resellers can pay orders using our standard payment methods. However, we also offer a separate reseller account to which you can transfer money in advance using other payment methods. If using the reseller account balance as a payment method, there is no need to input bank or credit card details separately for each invoice payment. The balance can be used to all orders under the reseller account.

Easy automation

If you want to make payments even easier, you can use your reseller account balance for automatic payments of invoices. In this case our system automatically pays the invoices on the due date, if the available account balance is sufficient and the order in question has not been terminated.

Something you'd still like to know?

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