Easy and profitable

We offer reselling for advertising agencies and other companies requiring multiple service orders for their customers. The reseller fully controls all the orders and takes care of billing from its customers.

All the communication and other actions are done with the reseller. However, domain names are an exception as they are registered using the information of the reseller's customer.

Available Products

  • Web hosting plans
  • Domains
  • Server products

Operating Principles

  • The reseller controls customer's services and maintains customer's website
  • Invoices are sent to the reseller, not to the customer

Why Choose a Reselling Account?

  • Get discounts using the payment account
  • Easier management of services
  • Reliable Finnish service

Discount for Orders

    When paid using the payment account discount is given as follows:
  • 1 % for 100 € prepayment
  • 2 % for 200 € prepayment
  • 10 % for 500 € prepayment

Additional Services

  • Customized webmail 10 €/webmail/month
  • Customized webmail (SSL) 15 €/webmail/month

Reselling is practical!

Single orders can be managed the same way as when ordering everything separately. The reseller can give his/her customer credentials for a separate email control panel with which the customer can e.g. change the password for the email box or edit forwardings. Email can be read using our regular webmail, customized webmail available as an additional service or using an email client.

A reselling account is a practical solution e.g. when selling maintained websites to your customers.


Resellers can pay orders using our standard payment methods. However, we also offer a separate account to which you can transfer money in advance using other payment methods. When paying orders using the account you get discount based on the table to the left. The orders can also be processed faster since the payment is registered immediately. The account can be used to pay any order, not just new orders. Payments made to the account cannot be cancelled. The discounts are only available when paying orders using the payment account.

Additional Services

Resellers can offer their customers a customized webmail that can be decorated with the customer's or reseller's logo. For an additional fee the webmail can be offered with a secured connection. We always recommend choosing the secured option.

We also offer resellers phone support to help with problem situations in addition to normal contact methods. Phone support is only available in Finnish.

Any questions?

If you have any questions regarding reselling, don't hesitate to contact us. We are happy to answer all your questions!