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You can separate different sites from each other easily by using subdomains. For example site2.testi.com can be a different site than site3.testi.com and the sites’ files can be located in different folders.


This is an overview of your subdomains. Note: You should never edit subdomains unless you know what you are doing.

Creating a new subdomain

Start by choosing an address for your subdomain. The address cannot contain special characters.

Next, choose an account from the dropdown. This will be the account your subdomain will use.

After this, you will select the folder your new subdomain will be directed to. Note that the folder must already exist before creating the subdomain.

Finally save the changes. Note that it takes a couple of minutes for the changes to come into effect.

Deleting a subdomain

To delete a subdomain, simply click on Delete button, after which you are asked for confirmation.

Editing a subdomain

You can edit the subdomain’s address, account and folder. It takes a couple of minutes for the changes to come into effect.

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