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SSL activation to WordPress site


How to activate free SSL encryption?

1. Select Activate SSL (Let’s Encrypt) from admin panel front page.

2. Select your domain from the list and click Continue.

3. Select all subdomains that you want to activate encryption for. You can choose multiple subdomains. You can also add SSL encryption to subdomains afterwards.

You can check encryption few minutes after activation by visiting the site with https:// in front of the address. E.g https://www.shellit.org. Confirmation might look a little different depending on browser you choose to use. Google Chrome shows green lock symbol when everything is ok.

Force WordPress site to use SSL encryption.

By default SSL isn’t activated in WordPress and you need to activate it by yourself or using a plugin.

We recommend to use plugin called Really Simple SSL and activate SSL encryption with that. This plugin automatically fixes errors found in the site that might cause problems with SSL activation.

If needed you should also configure WordPress site address to use encrypted page. You can do this by following our tutorial: https://www.shellit.org/en/kb/correcting-wordpress-site-address/

In some cases you might get “mixed content” error. Then we recommend to contact your site creator because fixing that can be quite tricky. Error might happen because there is some image or other file that still uses http address. SSL encryption needs all content to use https.

You can also contact us to do SSL activation to your page. Please check our additional services price list for a reference prize.

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