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Connecting to a web host using SSH


Easiest way to connect to web host with SSH is with PuTTY -client.

You can download PuTTY from here.

When you have installed an SSH-client software input Host Name (or IP address) and Port in to fields shown as below. You can find the host name and port from the admin panel by clicking “Show a password” button. Choose connection type SSH and click “Open”.

If you are connecting to the server for a first time SSH-client might ask you for accept connection. You can choose “Accept” and the client doesn’t ask this again or click “Connect Once” and SSH client will ask you this every time you connect to the server.

In to the next screen input your user name that can also be found in the admin panel by clicking the “Show password” button. After typing in your user name press “Enter”.

Next you need to enter your password and then press enter.

If everything worked and you see the screen below SSH connection is open.


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