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Email FAQs

How do i create an email? How to create email on shellit.org: Käyttöönotto-ohje How do i change my password? Do...

Using webmail

All our domains include webmail, you can find webmail through these links. Your account is always name@domain.tld Roundcube https://www.shellit.org/posti Roundcube...

Shellit.org email server settings

Outgoing SMTP-server Server: mail.shellit.org Port: 587 Security: TLS Incoming IMAP-server Server: mail.shellit.org Port: 993 Security: SSL Server: mail.shellit.org Port: 143...

Email settings for Thunderbird

When you start the program for the first time, it will ask you to configure the email account.   1....

Email settings for Windows Phone 8

Open Settings and choose Email + accounts. Click Add Account Click section kohta Manually configure (on the bottom). Write your whole email address (for example testi1@shellit.org)...

Email settings for Android

Notice! There is a separete guide for Honor devices at the end. Go to Email app Go to Settings and click Add. Then choose Add account....