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Email settings for Windows Phone 8


Open Settings and choose Email + accounts.

Click Add Account

Click section kohta Manually configure (on the bottom).

Write your whole email address (for example testi1@shellit.org) and the password. Click Next.

Choose Internet Email

Fill in the fields:

Account name: Name for the account. Can be anything you want

  • Name: Your name which will be used as sender of the emails
  • Incoming Server: mail.shellit.org
  • Type: IMAP4

Fill in fields:

  • User name: your email address (for example testi1@shellit.org)
  • Password: Your password
  • Outgoing server address (SMTP): mail.shellit.org

Choose checkboxes ”Outgoing email requires authentication” and ”Use same user name and password to send email”. Click Additional settings.

Choose checkboxes ”Require SSL authentication on incoming email” and “Require SSL authentication on incoming email”.

Choose right intervals for getting emails and how long the emails will be preserved on the device.

Click “Sign in”. You have now succesfully configured the email settings.

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