Domain Transfer

Are you dissatisfied with your current service provider? Are prices too high or service of poor quality? Now you can easily transfer your domain to us!

Remaining period of validity will be added to your order so you won't lose the time you've already paid for!

Transfer of .Fi Domain

Please go to our ordering system and type to the authorization code field the authorization code you've got from the Finnish Communications Regulatory Authority when registering the domain. No other actions are needed for the transfer.

If you've lost your authorization key, you can get a new one from Ficora. More information available at

Transfer of Other Domains

  • Please make sure the domain is still valid for another month.
  • Ask your current service provider for an authorization code (auth-id) and for unlocking the domain in case it's locked.
  • Please make sure the domain has correct contact information in its whois information. Pay special attention to the validity of email address.
  • Place an order for a domain transfer.
  • After you have paid your order, you may receive and transfer confirmation email from your ISP. If this happens, click the link on the email and confirm the transfer. Domain transfer takes normally coupe of weeks and the domain will remain fully functional through the whole process.
  • If you fail to follow these instructions, the domain transfer will most likely fail. Each order has 2 free transfer attempts, after that the transfer will be priced according to our price list.