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Terminating contract


How do I terminate a contract?

You can easily terminate your contract through our control panel 24/7. Unfortunately we can’t accept terminations made with phone or email because then we can’t verify that the person who is doing the termination.

Termination of contract will not shut down the service immadiately. You can terminate your service beforehand if you know that you won’t use the service longer than some known period of time. The service will not close until the paid time has ended.

Termination of service for the current invoicing period can be done by our terms of agreement not later than due date of the newest invoice. Please note that the new invoice will come 2-3 months before the current agreement has ended. Of course the services which are billed more frequently than once a year are an exception.

If the termination of contract is done later than the due date of the invoice, the termination will take place in the end of the next invoicing period. Then you will have to pay the current open invoice as soon as possible so that it won’t generate any extra charges and the service won’t close. Please note that on Virtual Private Servers and Teho Web Hosting the termination of service is always 1 month. Other special services can be terminated by the terms of agreement.

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