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Satisfaction Guarantee


What services are included in Satisfaction Guarantee?

Web Hosting plans and custom Web Designs are included in Satisfaction Guarantee.

Web Hosting plans

Satisfaction Guarantee covers Web Hosting plan, but not domain or some of the additional services, such as SSL protection. When plead to Satisfaction Guarantee, customer will get refund for the service, but domain and additional services are subtracted from the total amount.

For example, on Silver Web Hosting Plan + .com domain: 40 euros / year
Refund for Satisfaction Guarantee: 40 – 13 = 27 €
You can check the prices of domains from our site. Domains will be valid for the time they are bought, even the Web Hosting plan would be terminated by pleading to Satisfaction Guarantee. Termination of service within Satisfaction Guarantee has to be made to our customer service in 14 days after the order has been made.

Web Design

Satisfaction Guarantee also applies to Web Designs. Before the project has finished, customer has the chance of canceling the product. Then we won’t send invoice for the customer. Customer has no right to use any content later which was made in the project. All the material and the rights to it will stay with us. Cancellation has to be made by email before the project has ended and invoice has not been sent.


Satisfaction Guarantee does not apply to domains or additional services.

Virtual Private Server

Satisfaction Guarantee does not apply to Virtual Private Servers or additional services.

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