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Order cancellation


How do i cancel my order?

You can easily cancel your order at any time on our control panel. We only accept order cancellations from control panel, because we can’t confirm identity on telephone or email.

Control panel can be found here: Control panel

Terminating the contract doesn’t close the service instantly. Services shut down when the subscription ends or the contract comes to an end.


In accordance with our terms and conditions, you can terminate the contract by the due date of the new invoice. Please note that a new invoice will be issued 2-3 months before the current contract expires. Exceptionally, of course, services billed for less than a year. For example, a contract for a contract period of a year cannot be cancelled in the middle of a season, even if the cancellation is done in the middle of the year and the billing period is one month. The service will then terminate only at the end of the contract period, even if the termination is in the middle of the period.

If the cancellation is made after the due date of the new invoice, termination takes place by the end of the next billing period. In this case, the current open invoice must be paid as quickly as possible in order to avoid additional costs and the service will not close. Do note that on virtual servers the cancel period is always 1 month. Other special services may be terminated in accordance to the service agreement.

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