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Email forwards


Email forwards should not be used for external addresses. For example, you cannot forward the address info@domain.tld to your@gmail.com. However, you can set up forwarding within the same domain, such as info@domain.tld to your@domain.tld.

For instance, Google has changed the functionality of its email service, and currently, forwards do not work to Gmail addresses. The solution is to change the forwarding to an email mailbox and read emails directly through our webmail interface.

If you wish, you can link your email mailbox for reading directly through Gmail. However, emails will be delivered slowly to Gmail since Gmail checks for new emails only once every 15 minutes.

Creating an email mailbox: https://www.shellit.org/kb/sahkopostin-yleiset-ohjeet/

Using email via webmail: https://www.shellit.org/kb/sahkopostin-kayttaminen-webmaililla/

More information on the non-functionality of forwarding: https://www.shellit.org/kb/sahkopostin-uudelleenohjaus-ei-toimi-luotettavasti/

Adding it to Gmail: https://www.shellit.org/kb/sahkopostin-lisaaminen-gmailiin/

This change is beyond our control and is due to changes made by Google. Forwarding can still be used as long as it directs to another mailbox within our system. However, emails cannot be forwarded for reading in Gmail anymore.

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