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Common questions on billing


Why did I receive invoice eventhough the service wont end for a while?

Invoicing takes place usually 2-3 months before the new invoicing period starts. Invoicing is done early so that the services won’t get shut down due to forgotten payment. There is much time to pay and we will also have time to send reminder invoices before shutting down the service. In addition, invoicing via email is always a bit uncertain and some of the invoicing may get lost on their way. All the invoices have to be terminated via our control panel.

Why did I receive invoice even though I ordered the service only for a year?

For example Web Hosting plans are billed annually. Web Hosting plan orders will automatically continue year after year if it is not terminated. This is made like this so that the customer’s websites won’t get shut down by mistake if the order hasn’t been remembered to renew. You can terminate the service from our control panel.

Why did I receive notification even though I haven’t received invoice?

Invoicing is done via email by default unless customer has specified mail invoicing when ordering a service. Often customer forgets to update changed email address to our customer registry (you can do this in our control panel) and because of this emails won’t get delivered. Reminder is always sent via mail 14 days after the due date.

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