Multim Ltd (marketing name is a service provider entirely Finnish. Our company was founded in 2007. We are proud to be able to offer affordable and high quality services to our customers. Our selection of services includes web hosting plans, domains, virtual private servers and other server products.

For years we've been producing high quality services to our customers. The quality of our services is monitored using a third party monitoring system checking the availability every single minute. in Short

  • Founded in 2007 to offer affordable and high quality hosting services
  • In 2010 services were moved to Finland to ensure better quality of service
  • In 2011 we founded Multim Ltd and added websites to our service selection
  • In 2012 the growth was strong and we hired our first external employee
  • In 2013 we added dedicated servers and other server products to our service selection
  • In 2013 we moved our servers from Espoo to Ulvila to be able to offer more services and to improve the quality
  • Our company is continuing its steady growth and we aim to offer services of even higher quality to meet the requirements of our customers
  • We currently employ 6 people and also more at times

Photos from Datacenter

    sali1 Passageway to the datacenter

    sali2 Datacenter is located inside a rock

    sali3 Datacenter


Our servers are located in the city of Ulvila in high quality datacenter built inside a rock. The datacenter meets the requirements set by the Finnish Communicatons Regulatory Authority. The datacenter is continuosly monitored and no outsiders are allowed in.

The datacenter is built inside a rock to a cave previously owned by the Finnish Defence Forces. In addition to being extremy safe place due to its location there is also a gas extinguishing system installed to secure the servers from a fire. We also have fast and reliable connection to networks of multiple operators which makes our network redundant and fast.

The servers are running on wind power supplied by Porin Energia. The datacenter is also equipped with UPS and diesel generator to make sure any electricity outage won't disrupt the service.


As servers we mostly use powerful servers by Dell, HP and Supermicro. Servers are always selected the match their use cases.

Most of our services are running on a redundant system which allows the service production to continue even if some server would break. Our web hosting plans are running on a high availability system which allows us to do most maintenance work without anyone even noticing. Problems of a single server won't affect the service.

Our servers are always kept up-to-date. Backups are taken on a daily basis with the exception of the most important data that's backed up multiple times a day. We also do offsite backups to make sure no data is lost in case of a problem in the datacenter.


Our team consists of telecommunications and server administration professionals. We have many years of experience in running hosting systems and in the associated technologies. The team has 24/7 access to the datacenter and therefore physical hardware failures can be repaired quickly.

Our team also has monitoring applications installed on their cell phones allowing them to get information on outages usually even before the end user notices any downtime.

We continuosly monitor the services using our own and external monitoring systems thanks to which our team is able to react any problems very fast.