Rack Space

Reliable home for the servers

Our rack space service offers a reliable home for your own server. The datacenter meets requirements set by the Finnish Communications Regulatory Authority for important datacenters. Rack space is using 100% wind power.

  • Bring your own server
  • Easy to extend
  • UPS and diesel generators
  • Secure, Finnish datacenter

Advantages of Rack Space Service

  • Reliable environment for your own server
  • Cost efficient and low risk price
  • Professional team to help you


  • Redundant internet connection
  • Power supplies can be plugged into different phases
  • UPS & diesel generators

Maintenance Service

  • If needed, we can do the needed maintenance and installation, or let the technicians to the rack space
  • Full maintenance available as an additional service
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12 month contract
64 € / month 90 € / month Ask for a quote!
3 month contract
69 € / month 99 € / month Ask for a quote!
1U 2U +2U - Own rack (45U)
300 Mbps shared 300 Mbps shared +300 Mbps shared
500 GB / month 1500 GB / month +1500 GB / month
200W 200W +200W
1 address 1 address +1 address
/64 subnet /64 subnet /64 subnet
Order now Order now Ask for a quote

Additional Services for Rack Space

Extra traffic 1 TB/month25 €/month
Reverse DNSFree!
Extra IP (max. 10 per server)2 €/month
Backup space, less than 500 GB0.10 € / GB / month
Backup space, 500 - 1000 GB0.08 € / GB / month
Backup space, over 1000 GB0.07 € / GB / month
Own VLAN between servers, 1 Gbps ports0.07 € / month
Extra power, 100W35 € / month
Extra power, 300W80 € / month
Extra power, +300WAsk!
Extra power socket10 € / month
Extra internet port10 € / month
Visit to our data center during office hours (Mon-Fri 8-16) when you inform us a day beforehand40 €/hour
Visit to our data center (other times), 4 hour notice beforehand140 €/hour
Maintenance serviceAsk!
Term of notice for the rack space service is 3 months.

Prices VAT 0%.

Are your specifications unique? Our rack space service can be upgraded and modified to suit perfectly for your needs. Contact us and we will tell you more about the customization options!

After ordering our rack space service we will contact you to talk about the details of the server installation (when, how etc.). In most cases the server can be installed in a couple of days after the order.

Bringing the server to our data center near Pori, Finland is free of charge with the 12 month contract. If you have shorter contract than this, we will charge an installation fee.

You can bring the server yourself to our rack space or ship it to us for us to install. We will gladly help you with different kinds of installation and maintenance tasks whether you are bringing the server to rack space or after it has been installed.